Fire and Flood Restoration Specialists Serving Amarillo TX


Floods and fires can cause devastating damage to homes. In extreme cases, recovery may seem impossible. But with the right approach and help from a skilled flood and fire restoration company, you can successfully get your property back to its pre-disaster condition. At DeWald Homes LLC, we specialize in fire and flood restoration and reconstruction.

Once your property has been cleaned, it’s time to start the repairs. The fire and flood reconstruction company you hire will repair your home’s structures, electrical systems, and other damaged areas. Depending on the extent of the damage, the restoration process can take a few weeks to months.

While your home is under construction, you might as well take the chance to plan a remodeling. Doing so at this time will be cost-efficient. You can ask your reconstruction company if they can install new kitchen countertops and cabinets, upgrade your window panes, or repaint your walls with livelier color. Discuss any home remodeling idea with the contractor, and they’ll let you know what’s doable.

Do you have fire or flood damage? Let us help you navigate your insurance and reconstruction.

Recovering from the effects of flood and fire damage can be a daunting and overwhelming process. At DeWald LLC, rebuilding your home can be a smooth process. We are a team of Amarillo remodeling contractors with expertise in flood and fire restoration. Contact us and get a free estimate today!